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For over a decade, The Stern Center has been built on helping individuals and families heal and regain balance. Gaining peace of mind during troubled times can be one of the most fulfilling and useful tools a person can learn and we take pride in providing affordable, accessible, and appropriate therapeutic care and support. 


Because all people and families are unique, The Stern Center's staff are trained to individualize our treatment using a "one size does not fit all" approach.  Enhancing the lives of our consumer's takes the personalized, thoughtful approach.  Our quality approach to treatment in all of our services ensure our consumer's never feel like "just a number."


Our Mission

The Stern Center is dedicated to providing developmental and behavioral health services that respect the individual and/or families strengths, needs, abilities and preferences.  We strive to strengthen resilience and promote independence.  It is our mission to provide a safe, accepting and empathetic therapeutic environment at every level of the process.  


Our Vision

At the Stern Center we believe in the capacity to recovery from adversity and the ability to aspire to and maintain optimal levels of functioning.  Services and programs focus on improving the quality of life of the persons served.  The Stern Center serves individuals and families by providing a wide range of therapeutic services.  We emphasize a holistic and collaborative approach to treatment which encourages the ongoing development of natural and community supports and promotes individual and family empowerment within the change process. We are committed to supporting staff who are dedicated to providing effective and efficient treatment based the integration of a variety of treatment philosophies and models.  We take pride in providing community outreach which ensures that person's served can make informed decisions about treatment.

-Parent of Family Based Client

"Gave me support when I had none."

-Client of Psychiatrist

"The doctor is very encouraging. Thank You!"

-Client of Outpatient


"My anxiety is increasingly getting better thanks to our sessions."

-Parent of IBHS client


"Takes time to explain what I need to do."


The Stern Center is proud to announce our 3 year accreditation from CARF International. This accreditation will extend through November 2021. This achievement is an indication of our dedication and commitment to improving the quality of lives of those we serve.

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